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«IT specialist is a lifestyle and way of thinking for me and not just a profession»

For business:
  • I will advise on the digitalization of business processes;
  • I will develop mobile, web or system applications;
  • I will test the networks and applications of the enterprise for vulnerabilities.
For future programmers:
  • Choose development directions and programming language;
  • Prepare for the interview;
  • Learn to code in the languages: Rust, ReactJS, ReactNative, Node.js.
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About me

My name is Airat Galiullin, my path as an IT specialist began in 2010. My services will be useful to entrepreneurs and programmers.

I help entrepreneurs create new products and services that need mobile, web or system applications. I help from the formulation of the idea to the commissioning. The interaction process can be either in the form of consultations, or with my participation as a developer. I am an entrepreneur myself, so I approach tasks not only from the technical side, but also from the commercial side.

I am also engaged in identifying vulnerabilities in corporate networks and applications. I conduct the vulnerability search process quickly and efficiently, and at the output I provide a detailed report with recommendations.

I help future programmers with choosing the direction of development and programming language. I teach only what I actively use myself: Rust, React JS, React Native, Node.js . I help current programmers in solving complex project tasks. I conduct classes both individually and recruit small groups.

My mission is to create high-quality IT products that will be used by millions, maybe billions of people. I put my whole soul into training programmers and creating IT solutions. Good programmers create high-quality IT products, high-quality IT products improve the quality of services and products of entrepreneurs, high-quality services and products of entrepreneurs, improve the quality of life of all of us.


I approach tasks not only from the technical side but also from the commercial side. I squeeze the maximum out of technology to create added value for your product and secure your company's data

10+years in the IT business
30+customers all over the world
50+developed projects of varying complexity

My skills

Programming languages and Technologies

I have mastered and actively use several programming languages and frameworks, including Rust, React JS, React Native, Node.JS. For me, a programming language is a tool that varies depending on the task. Knowledge of languages is an excellent complement to such tools and services as Git, Docker, Vagrant, and other utilities.

Information Security

I specialize in identifying vulnerabilities in internal, and external networks of enterprises, as well as in various applications.

Project Management

I actively practice Agile and Prince II methodologies in managing a development team, and a deep understanding of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) approaches allows me to take communication with the team to a new level.


Throughout my business journey, I have faced the need to bring various IT products to market, so marketing has become an integral part of my activities.

Innovative approach

I am not a supporter of a conservative approach to technology, so I actively use them if necessary. Among them are machine learning, distributed data storage and computing (blockchain), Internet of Things (IoT).


Developer of cottage settlements

Task: Optimize the procurement process building materials.

Solution: Creation and launch of an ERP system, which, based on the drawing of the house, forms a list of necessary building materials and suppliers with the best price.

Result: Cost reduction by 68%.

Social network for joint meditations

Task: Evaluate the current quality of development, recommend the optimal development stack.

Solution: Analyzed the current state development, assessed the technical debt, conducted a code review, made recommendations for solving the problem with P2P video communication.

Result: Acceleration of the development process by 50%.

Software developer for universities

Task: Analyze the work of the IT department and enterprise information systems.

Solution: Built all the processes inside the IT department, changed the development stack.

Result: Reduction of IT department expenses by 30%, acceleration of the production process by 50%.

Air conditioner supplier

Task: Optimize the process of interaction with clients.

Solution: Creating and launching a CRM system.

Result: Increase in profit by 40%, the level of customer satisfaction by 70%.

Watch and accessories Store

Task: Automate the processes of purchase, accounting, and launch of advertising companies.

Solution: Assistance at every stage of creation online store, automatic placement systems ads on Google and VK.

Result: 85% increase in customer flow.

Entertainment TV Channel

Task: Update information systems.

Solution: Evaluated the quality of information systems, helped with their updating, built communication with contractors.

Result: Reduced maintenance costs outdated software by 75%.

Development Holding Company

Task: Help with the development of an internal system optimization of accounting.

Solution: Estimated the cost of development, formulated task, selected a contractor, controlled the process product development and launch.

Result: Reduced the cost declared by the contractor by 25% percent, put the product into operation 1 month earlier than the agreed deadline.

Dry feed production

Task: Optimize the process of interaction with wholesalers.

Solution: Help in creating a mobile application, integrated with 1C-enterprise.

Result: Reduced maintenance costs staff by 44%.

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different projects

Open source


A super fast tool for brute forcing subdomains



A tool that automatically restarting your process when file changes in the selected directory.



Chargo is a tool for file encryption/decryption. It's based on Argon2 and ChaCha20Poly1305 algorithms.



It is a tool that allows you to check one or more domains to see if they are protected by CloudFlare or not. The check is carried out based on five criteria: 3 headers in the HTTP response, IP, and SSL certificate issuer.

More works

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My projects


An international company that develops integrated IT solutions for business.



ReshAI: Solution Tracker

An effective assistant in making informed decisions.


Meditation Constructor: ShineUp

An effective assistant in dealing with stress in various situations


MindUp: A Diary of thoughts and emotions

An effective tool for self-study of negative situations, thoughts and emotions


Planjo: Consultant Calendar

Mobile organizer application for consultants


MindBot: Personal psychologist

Bot will help to cope with anxiety and depression




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