Reducing the implementation period of MVP

In the last publication, we learned how to remove everything unnecessary from our product. Today we will deal with the timing of the implementation of the MVP.

Some people think that an acceptable period for the implementation of MVP is up to 6 months, but my experience with the implementation of startups shows that it is optimal for up to 4 months, ideally up to 3. And testing a hypothesis (for example, using landing traffic) is up to 1.5 months.

Why is that? Everything is simple. On average, after 3-4 months, the team begins to burn out due to the lack of any results. I note that even the release of the first, albeit a raw, version of the MVP is a result that motivates the team.

Let's go back to our solution tracker, which appeared in the last publication. Let's start analyzing our functions.

The first is Internet acquiring for debiting money for a missed habit. The key question for analysis is: "How to implement the function in the shortest time?".

To do this, we need to choose an acquisition that has:

— the simplest in terms of SDK integration;

— fast legal registration.

Among the selected providers, we choose the one that has:

— minimum commissions;

— more opportunities to accept payments from different sources.

The logic is simple — at first, it makes no sense to expect a large influx of subscribers, so profit losses on acquiring commissions are minimal, but paying for additional developer time will be much more expensive than transaction costs.

Go through each MVP function in a similar way to minimize the implementation time.



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