Testing an MVP concept

Concept testing is collecting feedback from potential consumers about your future product.

There are two ways to collect feedback:

1. Qualitative research. Here the emphasis is not on the number of respondents, but on the depth of the study of the issue;

2. Quantitative research. And in this study, we are interested in the number of interested people.

It is important for us to understand whether our vision converges with the consumer's and whether the product is in demand on the market.

For both studies, you will need: research objectives, sample description. For qualitative research, there is also a questionnaire, respondents, for quantitative research — a landing page, an advertising campaign.

Let's analyze each item in detail.

Research objectives and sample description

For a quantitative study, you can set a goal like this — "Within 2 weeks to reach n people and get m contacts from the landing form." For qualitative research — "To interview n respondents within 2 weeks and get m pre-sales".

To calculate n and m, you need to use formulas to calculate the sample size. When you decide on the sample size, describe its characteristics: gender, age, region, and habitat in the network.


Blocks of questions:

1. Warming up. The questions in this block are general nature and are necessary to warm up the respondent.

2. The main part. It is better to build questions in this block from general to particular. If you have a meditation app, then find out how a person relieves stress in everyday life and smoothly move on to your product and its functionality.

3. Sale. In this block, try to make a pre—sale - this is the only real confirmation of intentions, there is no other.


Respondents for qualitative research can be found on social networks, channels in messengers, or launching a small advertising campaign on social networks. Word of mouth from friends is also an effective method.

Landing page

The main goals of the landing page are to show your product, get consumer contact, and in some cases pre—sales. No need to spend money on fancy design, use any no-code website builder.

It is important to correctly and openly convey the essence of your product to a potential consumer. Connect analytics tools that will help you draw the right conclusions.

Advertising campaign

Choose the advertising platform where your target audience lives. If these are the readers of the category on VC, then promote the post there, if your target audience is on Twitter, then use his advertising cabinet.


The testing stage saves a lot of money and time. Agree, if we are burning with our idea, it does not mean that it is in demand by the market.



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